U15 to U18 years old

  • During this stage players have completed most of their physical and mental development.  All components of training can be combined and organized with the purpose of developing the highest potential of the player.  Physically, the player is ready to develop technique at high speed and this speed helps the player to react faster to tactical situations.  This stage is crucial for combining all the components of soccer in order to increase the players’ soccer knowledge.
  • During this stage players are grouped into individual teams, Premier & Developmental (if numbers permit).  Teams are composed of 13-22 players and are guaranteed one Team Coach.  Assistant coaches are dependent upon availability.  It is the responsibility of the Premier Team Head Coach and the Developmental Team Head Coach to collaborate with each other to ensure that all players are being developed properly.  Whenever possible, the Premier Team and Developmental team should train together or next to each other to ensure that all players are getting exposure to the Premier Team Head Coach.  Players from the Developmental team should be considered for inclusion in the Premier Team throughout the course of the season based upon an evaluation from the Team Coaches and the DOC.