U10 to U12 years old

  • During this stage, the structure, but not the content of the training sessions will be similar to that of older players.  The main component of the training session will be technical.  The development of technique and basic tactical understanding is crucial during this stage.  A child’s ability to problem solve increases significantly during this stage, thus allowing the coach to implement basic and dynamic tactical scenarios during training sessions.  Coaches should be cautious about implementing too much physical demand on their players during this stage due to players being pre-pubescent.
  • During this stage players are grouped into a pool or individual teams.  In the pool system, a pool is composed of 16-30 players who train together, but compete as two/three teams within league play, thus allowing flexibility for player development and more games for the players.  While all players must be rostered on one team or the other, within the pool, most players will float between the two/three teams that their pool comprises.  Pools are typically staffed with two to three coaches who plan out the “floating” schedule prior to the season, with periodic opportunities to float for additional games as the schedule allows.
  • Generally speaking, BNT does not create Premier teams during this stage unless a collective group of players have proven they are technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically competent enough to compete in an environment where the demands of the game are higher.  At the discretion of the DOC, a team may be given the opportunity to form as a Premier team in order to continue their development at the proper rate.