In 1986, the Boise Nationals Soccer Club (“BNSC”) was formed as a boys premier soccer club. To date, BNSC is the oldest youth soccer club in the state of Idaho. Over the course of our 30 years, we have won more State Championships than every other boys club combined. In total, BNSC has over a century of state titles and continue to amass further. In 2004, the Boise Blast Soccer Club was formed as a girls premier soccer club with three teams. The Blast was a club that was formed to offer something better to the youth female soccer players of the Treasure Valley.

Shortly thereafter the two clubs became sister clubs, working together and building a relationship that resulted in a merger in the spring of 2007. The new club retained the nationally recognized name, Boise Nationals Soccer Club, and combined resources, administration, volunteers, coaches and players to make for the largest competitive soccer club in the state. While the boys’ side represents tradition and success, the girls’ side represents change and progress.

In the fall of 2008, BNSC formed a new innovative youth soccer league that will change the face of youth soccer development and improve player retention by cultivating a love of the game through weekly contact with licensed and experienced coaches. Whereas traditional models rely upon parent volunteers to train and develop players, the BNSC Academy provides professional training on a weekly basis, while relying upon parent volunteers only to coach during the games each Saturday. This innovative approach to youth soccer development and the blending of the best aspects of both the Blast and Nationals clubs, cemented the Boise Nationals Soccer Club as the premier soccer club in the state of Idaho.

Boise Nationals success has not gone unnoticed and in 2016, MLS powerhouse, Portland Timbers designated the Nationals one of their Timbers Alliance Members. With this designation, Boise Nationals SC became the Boise Nationals Timbers (“BNT”) and the only club associated with the Portland Timbers in the Treasure Valley. With the Portland Timbers association, BNT in now able to provide a direct player pathway into Major League Soccer while continuing to demonstrate the values and character the club established in 1986!