Boise Nationals Product Attends USA Deaf National Team Tryouts

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Braden Anderson current plays for our 2002 BNT Nationals team and received an invite to tryout for the USA Men’s National Deaf Team is attending the USA team trial in July. BNT asked Braden about the opportunity prior to attending the camp:


  1. How long have you played for Boise Nationals?:  I have played 3 years for the Nationals (My Dad 2 years & Bill Taylor 1 year) My Dad made me play for Rush 1 year to be exposed to a different style of play.  I like the BNT style.  He knew I would but, still wanted me to learn because he said I will have all different kinds of coaches.


  1. What is your birth year?: 2002


  1. What has been one of the biggest challenges as a deaf player? Most of the time I don’t understand what coaches are saying to the team.  I have to watch and hope I figure it out quickly.  I also do not have any directional hearing.  When players yell my name I don’t know where the sound is coming from.  On windy days my implant cuts off sound because of the wind and I only hear little bits of noise but can’t understand much.


  1. What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome?: When it rains I have to take off my implant and the world becomes silent. I read lips most of the time while playing soccer and when I can’t see the player’s lips I have to read their body language to help figure out what they might be saying.  Most of the players are nice to me but, I really don’t have too many friends, I mean they all hang out together but don’t invite me.  I understand it is hard to talk to me and I can’t keep up with the conversation.  I talk with a soccer ball.


  1. Anything you would like to share about being offered this opportunity?: I am very excited to have been invited.  I know these guys are good but, so am I.  I want to play Pro.


Braden we are excited for your opportunity! Go Nationals!


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