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Boise Nationals Annual Big Brother/Sister Day!

As a club, one of our core values is building character in our players. The annual Big Brother/Sister Day matches up our older teams with our younger teams. The program offers older aged players in the club an opportunity to mentor younger players.

The following assignments were given to our teams:


  • 2007/2002
  • 2006/2001
  • 2005/2000
  • 2004/1999
  • 2003/1998


  • 2007/2002
  • 2006-2005/2001
  • 2004-2003/2000-1998

2007G Coach Maxwell stated:

“We were actually fortunate enough to have two big sister practices; one with the 98 girls and the other with the 02 girls. Many think that these practices are geared more towards the younger kids, and yes the younger girls do receive value from these practices, but I think these practices are just as, if not more, meaningful for the older girls. Many of our 98’s have been playing for Nationals since they were 10-U and I think it was a special moment for the girls to see where they came from and give back to these younger players. My favorite moments from our practices were some of the 98’s seeing the little they were paired with at our next practice and going and saying “hi” and hugging the 07. Many of the groups really created a bond with their players and it was fun to see. We’re going to follow up our Big Sister day by attending a 98’s game and cheer on our new friends.”

2007B Coach Baham stated:

“It was great to see the boys interacting and talking about where they have been and how they played at a tournament and their favorite moves to use in a game. It was like you were at dinner with family!”

2001G Coach Shields stated:

“I liked how fast it took them to bond and how later in the night I received several texts about when we are going to do that again. We loved it. Soccer-wise I could see the little ones wanting to show the older ones they can play at their pace. The games started out slow but then the little ones were talking more and moving more with the older ones.”

2003B Coach Thorne stated:

“I love to see the 30 year tradition continued. It’s the same as when I played as a young player, you look up to the older players. But it gives something to both. The older player sees where they came from and gives a chance to give back. It’s always good to remind an 18-year-old the joy of playing soccer a 13-year-old has. It’s equally as good to show the 13-year-old where they are headed, because sometimes they can only see a day or a week ahead of them versus the journey that club soccer is. It’s awesome.”

All the photos taken from Big Brother/Sister Day will be posted to Facebook albums! Thank you to all of our teams and families for participating!

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