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Annually, Nationals will send our Directors to the NSCAA Convention to learn about the latest training for soccer players from top coaches. The NSCAA is National Soccer Coaches Association of America and is the “world’s largest soccer coaches’ organization that serves members at every level of the game.The NSCAA works every day to inspire coaches and ignite their passion for the game so they pass it on to players and others in the soccer community.” This year, Nationals sent our Youth Director, TJ Thaemert, and Club Director, Matt Billings. Matt Billings had the following to say about his experience:
  1. What do opportunities mean for the club? What advantages does it bring to our players? The NSCAA Convention is a tremendous way to stay up with the ever evolving trends of today’s modern soccer game and it encompasses the components, we as the Boise Nationals Timbers deem necessary to continue the progression of our club.
  2. Who were your favorite presenters and topics? My favorite presentation was made from the current assistant manager for the Welsh Men’s National Team and he spoke about an ever growing trend of the use of the 3-4-3 in the modern game. I always find it interesting how different nations/teams take the same concept and make it their own.
  3. Anything in particular you would like to share? An interview that I had the pleasure of sitting in was with Jurgen Klinsmann. My respect grew for him considering that he made the commitment to attend the NSCAA convention before he was let go from the position of US Men’s National Team manager. He had some very interesting incite towards his time with the American team and what he hope for soccer in our country as we move onto the next generation of players and direction.
The NSCAA holds an annual convention where coaches can grow, discuss, and develop. For more information on this years’ convention please see the following link:
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